US Election Final Results 2020 LIVE: Biden pulls further ahead in Georgia

US election 2020: Biden announces top White House staff
US election 2020: Biden announces top White House staff

Joe Biden has extended his lead in the key battleground state of Georgia.

The latest vote count reveals the Democrat nominee has pulled ahead by 7248 votes in the crucial state, CNN reports.

Biden was previously in front by 4020 votes, meaning he has strengthened his lead by more than 3200 votes. More than 98 per cent of the vote has been counted.

The results will trickle in over the next hours (and possibly days). We’ll keep you updated right here.

– Trump is not prepared to concede: CNN

American cable TV station CNN is reporting that US President Donald Trump has not prepared a concession speech and has no intention of surrendering the presidency.

While Joe Biden has edged ahead in the key battleground states of Georgia, Pennsylvania and Nevada, CNN says Trump is relying on the robust support of senior aides and his grown-up sons – Donald Trump Junior and Eric – to attempt to challenge the results in the courts.

CNN says top aides, including chief of staff Mark Meadows who has just tested positive to coronavirus, are feeding the President untrue claims about the election being stolen from him.

Trump did not appear in public on Friday, US time, but released a flurry of late-night tweets and retweets about mail-in and absentee ballots after Joe Biden addressed the nation.


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