Alberta Recognizes Outstanding Contributions to Seniors’ Well-being

Alberta Recognizes Outstanding Contributions to Seniors' Well-being
Alberta Recognizes Outstanding Contributions to Seniors' Well-being

Every year, the Minister’s Seniors Service Awards in Alberta celebrate individuals, businesses, and non-profit organizations that exemplify exceptional dedication to enhancing the lives of seniors and their communities. These honorees utilize their time, skills, and resources to safeguard seniors, enhance their quality of life, address their daily needs, and promote their active engagement within their communities.

Additionally, the Age-friendly Alberta Recognition Award acknowledges communities that have taken significant strides towards becoming more age-friendly. These communities prioritize the accessibility and inclusivity of services, catering to seniors with diverse needs and abilities.

Minister of Seniors, Community, and Social Services, Jason Nixon, commended the remarkable commitment of Albertans in supporting seniors, expressing admiration for the exceptional nominations received for the Minister’s Seniors Service Awards. He applauded this year’s recipients for their tireless efforts and generosity, which exemplify the renowned spirit of hard work and compassion synonymous with Alberta.

This year, nine recipients were honored with the Minister’s Seniors Service Awards, recognizing their outstanding contributions. Additionally, three communities were acknowledged with the Age-friendly Alberta Recognition Awards, underscoring their dedication to fostering environments that prioritize seniors’ well-being and inclusivity.

The awards serve as a testament to Alberta’s vibrant communities and the invaluable contributions of individuals, businesses, and non-profits in enriching the lives of seniors and fostering age-friendly environments across the province.

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