Partner with a bigger brand as a small business

Partner with a bigger brand as a small business
Partner with a bigger brand as a small business

If you are a fan of Shark Tank on ABC, the thought of partnering with someone with large profiles can be daunting. But, published today on, Christina DesMarais shares about how small businesses can partner with bigger brands is easier than you might think.

The groundwork is much, but rewards amazing. Relationship building and the ability to have prototypes and models and all your numbers as a small business is important when working with or shmoozing with bigger brands. Do your research on the bigger brand as well because you want to be sure what your business offers matches what the bigger brand needs.

There seems to be a large push for networking and social media to start getting the attention of the bigger brand. Some might find LinkedIn to be useful. Be careful not to spam these bigger brands, though. Sending the bigger brand some useful tips and articles that the bigger brand might find useful is a great start.

Working with bigger brands may take time; be prepared for that. Not every partnership is going to be a quick deal as it appears on Shark Tank. Although, the show has great opportunities to show what bigger brands ask and are looking for. When bigger brands abruptly turn you down, don’t get discouraged and don’t give up. Keep your head up and keep working towards mastering your pitch and your relationships.

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