Much loved and respected Clay County veterinarian returns

Much loved and respected Clay County veterinarian returns
Much loved and respected Clay County veterinarian returns

It’s like finding an excellent doctor, when you find one you keep them forever. Dr. Broadhurst is the golden doctor in the veterinarian world in North East Florida. Her name is Doctor Jennifer Broadhurst, and she is well-respected among her peers, colleagues, and the animals too. Effective July 5th, a day after the holiday, Dr. Broadhurst will be the Veterinary Medical Director at Clay County Animal Care and Control (CCACC) in Green Cove Springs.

Dr. Broadhurst does have a heart of gold when it comes to shelter animals, having worked for the Jacksonville Humane Society (JHS) before leaving them to work for Clay County about three years ago. About six months ago she left Clay and took on a role working as a consultant for the University of Wisconsin Shelter Medicine Program. As reported by The Jacksonville Florida Times-Union,

“My heart has always been here. … This is my community and I just felt like I really wanted to be working in my community and trying to make things better for the animals here,” Broadhurst said.

CCACC is working toward raising their adoption rates and reducing euthanasia. Dr. Broadhurst offers a ton of hope for a shelter that has come so far, yet has so far to go to achieve consistency. The shelter is also looking to build a new facility to meet the needs of the community and also to change the location where they can be more visible and accessible to the public. The Location is important in getting more pets adopted. If you are looking for a pet to adopt, please visit Clay County Animal Care and Control.

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