Coronavirus Canada Updates: Quebec Liberals call for COVID-19 rapid testing in schools and other sectors not under lockdown

One death, seven new COVID-19 cases in Nova Scotia on Tuesday
One death, seven new COVID-19 cases in Nova Scotia on Tuesday

Liberal party leader Dominique Anglade is asking the CAQ to quickly initiate a massive COVID-19 screening strategy, including the use of rapid testing, in environments that remain open.

“While Quebecers respect the curfew and collaborate by respecting additional measures to protect our health network and save lives, it is imperative to remember that any winning public health strategy must also take into consideration the places of outbreaks,” Anglade said in a statement.

Among the places where outbreaks are possible Anglade mentions manufacturing, construction and education.

Tens-of-thousands of elementary school children returned to class Monday morning after the holiday break. High school students will resume in-school classes on Jan. 18.

“In other words, I ask the Legault government, in a collaborative and constructive approach, to quickly deploy a massive screening strategy including the use of rapid tests in environments at risk of outbreaks,” said Anglade.

Rapid testing has been available in some areas of the province since early December.


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