Shane Dawson Death Hoax: Twitter hoax goes viral

Shane Dawson Death Hoax: Twitter hoax goes viral
Shane Dawson Death Hoax: Twitter hoax goes viral

Shane Dawson has been a hot topic of conversation recently. First he was under fire for a whole load of allegations. Then, fans turned against him after his strange reaction on Instagram live after Tati Westbrook called him out. And then he posted a lengthy apology video to his YouTube channel.

But just when you thought all the Shane Dawson drama was over, it’s back. And this time fans think he’s dead!

Yes, you heard that right. A rumour has been breaking the internet that the YouTuber with 21.8 million subscribers has died, and a lot of people certainly think it’s true.

When you logged into Twitter this morning you may have had a nasty shock.

A rumour is circling the internet that popular YouTuber Shane Dawson has died, and the news is spreading round social media pretty quickly. The hashtag #RIPShane started trending on Twitter, and many began to pay their respects.

But there’s no need to be scared, because the rumour is FAKE NEWS. No, Shane Dawson isn’t dead. It’s just another silly internet scandal!

The Shane Dawson is dead hoax allegedly started on Twitter from an account known as TMZ.

Twitter account @bocasclouds (TMZ) shared a photo of the YouTuber alongside the caption: “American YouTuber Shane Dawson dead at 32 #RIPShane.”

The post has already gained 2.3k retweets and comments and 9.2k likes, and loads of people on social media instantly started believing the post.

If you click on the account’s profile, they claim they are a “parody account” for Ariana Grande or any other celebrity.

Hoaxes like this bring up a very important point about the social media today. Don’t believe everything you see on the internet!

Just because you’ve seen something on social media, certainly doesn’t mean it has any validity or truth.

Anyone can write anything online, and once the internet gets a grip on something, rumours can spread very quickly.

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