Coronavirus Canada updates: Alberta teachers, school staff should be tested before classes start

Coronavirus Canada Updates: Quebec reports nearly 700 new cases
Coronavirus Canada Updates: Quebec reports nearly 700 new cases

Alberta’s chief medical officer of health says all teachers and school staff across the province should get tested for COVID-19 before students return to classrooms in September.

Dr. Deena Hinshaw says they should make arrangements to be tested at least once before schools reopen then regularly throughout the school year.

Hinshaw is also encouraging other Albertans who do not have coronavirus symptoms and have not been in contact with anyone diagnosed with the virus to postpone testing until Sept. 1.

She says that will allow teachers and school staff to receive their test results sooner.

Hinshaw is recommending educators arrange testing proactively and not wait until the day before returning to school.

She notes there are about 90,000 school staff and teachers across Alberta and the province’s testing capacity would not be able to collect and process that many tests at once.


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