Alberta hiker, hunter attacked by bear in Crowsnest Pass area

Alberta hiker, hunter attacked by bear in Crowsnest Pass area
Alberta hiker, hunter attacked by bear in Crowsnest Pass area

Blairmore RCMP received a call about a hunter who had been attacked by a bear on Sunday, September 26.

“The hunter was grouse hunting with another person when they encountered what is believed to be a grizzly bear sow and cubs,” Alberta Fish and Wildlife says.

They say the bear made contact and injured one of the hunters, while the other was able to shoot the bear.

It then ran off and one of the hunters was able to place a call to RCMP. The victim is in the hospital, but officers have been told he is currently in stable condition.

Fish and wildlife officers are currently conducting a thorough scene investigation to locate the bear involved in the attack and determine what actions need to be taken.

An area closure is in effect in the Crowsnest Pass and wildlife officers say to stay clear of the area.

An updated map that shows the boundaries of the area closure will be posted as soon as it is available.

Fish and Wildlife says “if you encounter a bear in the wild, follow these tips to avoid a conflict:”

  • Do not run. Stay calm. Stay with your group and keep children close. Assess the situation.
  • Look around. If you see cubs or an animal carcass, the bear will want to protect them. If you see either, back away from them.
  • Prepare to use your bear spray.
  • Back out. Leave the area the way that you came. Keep your eye on the bear without staring at it aggressively.
  • Watch for a place to hide. As you back away, seek out a place of safety, such as a car or building.
  • Speak to the bear in a soft, low voice. Let the bear know that you are human and not a prey animal.
  • Use your noisemaker and prepare to defend yourself with bear spray.
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