Trudeau says government is braced for ‘disruptions’, Report

Coronavirus Canada Updates: ‘Beating COVID is the only way to protect our economy,’ Trudeau says
Coronavirus Canada Updates: ‘Beating COVID is the only way to protect our economy,’ Trudeau says

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said today his government is bracing for potential “disruptions” if the U.S. election results are not clear.

During an event to announce funding for electric vehicle production today, Trudeau said he watched only “clips” from the televised presidential and vice-presidential debates.

He said his focus is squarely on keeping Canadians safe during the pandemic — but added that his government is also tracking political developments south of the border and their potential impact on Canada.

“I think we’re certainly all hoping for a smooth transition or a clear result from the election, like many people are around the world,” Trudeau said.

“If it is less clear, there may be some disruptions and we need to be ready for any outcomes, and I think that’s what Canadians would expect of their government, and we’re certainly reflecting on that.”

U.S. President Donald Trump has questioned the integrity of the Nov. 3 election and mail-in ballots. He has refused to commit to a peaceful transition if he loses.

Trudeau refrained from commenting directly on how the presidential campaign is unfolding.

‘Ready for all outcomes’: Trudeau

“Of course, what happens in the United States is going to be impacting Canada after the election, but our job is to be ready for all outcomes and, as you know, as a matter of course I don’t comment or weigh in on American political processes,” he said.

Trudeau did not specify the steps the government is taking to be ready for those “outcomes.”

A senior Liberal, speaking on condition of anonymity, told CBC News the government’s preparations are focused on the policy implications of either Trump or Biden winning, and on the possibility that — given the changes in voting procedures driven by the pandemic — the winner of the election might not be immediately clear.

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