Tropical storm forms in the West Pacific, Report

Tropical storm forms in the West Pacific, Report
Tropical storm forms in the West Pacific, Report

Eastern Pacific:

Development likely by the middle of the week

Much of the Eastern and Central Pacific Ocean remain devoid of tropical activity at this time. However, there is one area of interest in the East Pacific we are monitoring for tropical development

later this week.

A budding area of disturbed weather associated with a tropical wave is moving off the west coast of Central America. This area of disturbed weather will move west-northwest early next week and

into a favorable environment for tropical development. An area of low pressure is expected to develop within this cluster of thunderstorms around midweek and a tropical depression or storm could form by the end of the week as this feature continues to move over the open waters of the Eastern Pacific Ocean. This feature is not expected to directly impact land.

Western Pacific:

Tropical Storm Kujira

As of Sunday morning, EDT, Tropical Storm Kujira is over the open waters of the West Pacific. It looks to stay east of Japan and not affect any major population areas over the coming days. It has a

chance to strengthen into a typhoon, then it is expected to weaken once it enters the colder waters of the northern West Pacific Ocean. No other tropical development is expected across the basin.

Southern Pacific:

No new information for this time period.


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