PS5 Restock December Updates: Where to buy PlayStation 5 At GameStop, Walmart

PS5 restock update: New Argos playstation stock rumour could indicate consoles will be coming soon
PS5 restock update: New Argos playstation stock rumour could indicate consoles will be coming soon

Recent weeks have seen PS5 restocks at stores like Walmart and GameStop, but whether you want the standard, disc drive-equipped PS5 or the PS5 Digital edition, it remains very difficult to find the next-gen system in stock as we approach the one-month mark since its release. This has been true for months, dating back to when preorders first became available, and the console’s launch hasn’t improved the situation.

We’re now a full week into December and with Christmas less than three weeks away, your urgency to find one might be reaching a fever pitch. So it makes sense to wonder when stores like Walmart, GameStop, Target, and Best Buy will have more PS5 units available for shoppers. A tweet from Sony confirmed that “more inventory will be coming to retailers before the end of the year,” but that doesn’t make the scramble to get your hands on a PS5 console any easier. It also is incredibly non-specific, offering no guidance on where and how you’ll be able to buy a PS5, or how likely it is that you can get one in the near future.

So when will Walmart, GameStop, Target, Best Buy, or another major retailer have the PS5 available to order again? Will they be available to purchase online-only, in-stores, or for pick-up? We’re keeping a careful eye out for when more PS5 units go on sale–just be aware that if you want one, you’ll have to be quick, and potentially open to purchasing a bundle with games and accessories that you may or may not want.

PlayStation Direct regularly opens up a queue for shoppers to buy the PS5 (and anything else on the first-party site), but it’s often over an hour wait and unclear if the PS5 is even available. Still, it’s worth checking PS Direct regularly, as it’s the only store still releasing the PS5 on a somewhat regular basis.

PS5 availability at GameStop

GameStop saw one of the wildest console restocks during Black Friday. Its in-store-only sale ended up with dozens of people camping outside of stores for the chance to get their hands on the new PlayStation console, which it had extremely limited stock of. Other than that, a number of restocks have been made available on and off on GameStop’s website in the form of expensive console bundles, but even these have been selling out pretty quickly. If you don’t mind a pricier PS5 bundle, they’re not terrible deals–you often get extra games, controllers, and accessories with your purchase. You just might find yourself faced with the option of being forced to buy items you don’t actually want.

You can sign up to receive a stock alert from GameStop before one of these bundles goes on sale, but so far it has been pretty random.

PS5 availability at Walmart

Walmart restocked the PS5 during its big Black Friday sale, but the consoles sold out within two minutes. There’s currently no new information on when PS5 stock will next be available. Walmart has kept all of its restocks online-only so far, so you likely won’t find the PS5 in Walmart stores anytime soon. It’s possible a restock could come before Christmas, but the store hasn’t indicated anything yet. December 3 did bring a restock for Walmart Canada’s website, but there’s been nothing of the sort for those in the United States.
We don’t know when you’ll be able to buy a PS5 from Walmart again.
We don’t know when you’ll be able to buy a PS5 from GameStop again.

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