North Vancouver allows drinking alcohol in parks, Report

North Vancouver allows drinking alcohol in parks, Report
North Vancouver allows drinking alcohol in parks, Report

North Vancouver is legalizing drinking in some public places, so you can soon take a beer to the park.

To help the city bounce back after the COVID-19 pandemic, North Vancouver voted on a few changes, Monday night.

“We are doing something that cities don’t usually do, which is being flexible, and adapting and I think that’s, that’s something that our residents will appreciate. I see this really as something that we’re doing to improve the quality of life in our city,” said Coun. Tony Valente.

The municipality will allow beer, wine and spirits in public places, during certain hours.

Some of the public places that will allow drinking include:

Waterfront Park (but not around the children’s playground)
Victoria Park
The civic plaza between City Hall and the library
Grand Boulevard
Ray Perrault Park
Kings Mill Walk
Shipbuilders Square
Cates Deck
This will be the first Canadian jurisdiction outside Quebec that allows public drinking.

North Vancouver is also temporarily removing vehicle lanes to make room for wider sidewalks and expanded patios, as the City of Vancouver has recently done.

Vancouver is currently debating legalizing drinks at parks and beaches as well.

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