Nico Bellamy finds stolen engagement ring in twist of fate

Nico Bellamy finds stolen engagement ring in twist of fate
Nico Bellamy finds stolen engagement ring in twist of fate

Nico Bellamy, Panicked Boyfriend Finds His Stolen Engagement Ring in Incredible Twist of Fate.

Three years ago, Nico Bellamy was entrusted with his girlfriend’s grandmother’s engagement ring.

Bellamy tucked it away in a local deposit box until the time was right to propose to Caitie Schlisserman.

It was July 2017, just as the couple were moving house, that Bellamy decided to take the ring out and put it into his backpack for safe keeping.

A few days after moving, Bellamy remembered the ring and went to get it out of his backpack; but it wasn’t there.

“I ran to the bathroom and threw up immediately,” Bellamy told PEOPLE.

After a panicked moment, Bellamy started to try and retrace his every movement.

He recalled the removalists had asked to move his backpack so he immediately jumped on the phone to the company, but there was no answer.

The couple were on the way to the airport to pick up Schlisserman’s father and Bellamy was worried about what he would tell the man who had trusted him with a family heirloom.

Luckily Mr Schlisserman took it in his stride and told Bellamy they’d ‘figure it out’, PEOPLE reported.

On the way back home from the airport, Bellamy decided to travel a way that he never usually took to try and avoid the Los Angeles traffic.

During the journey, Mr Schlisserman noticed a sign pinned to a tree that read: ‘Found engagement ring’.

Because Ms Schlisserman was in the car, they couldn’t take the number down as she still had no idea what was going on.

As soon as they arrived home, Bellamy ran back out to ‘take the dog for a walk’.

It was worth it; the ring was his!

Bellamy met up with the couple who had his ring and couldn’t believe when it was safely back in his hands.

According to PEOPLE, the couple told Bellamy that they found the ring box in a nearby alleyway – where the trucks for Bellamy’s move had been loading items.

The lucky man still isn’t sure exactly how it managed to get there.

Caitie didn’t learn the epic story of her engagement ring until New Year’s Eve when Bellamy proposed to her in Paris.

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  1. How amazing! I hear things like this and it just further screams to me there are no coincidences, and it you trust and follow your gut instinct, it can lead you exactly where you need to be. Synchronicity stylee!
    This is why I always go above and beyond to return items I find, it is what I would hope someone would do for me if the tables were turned. The Golden Rule, Baby! Someday, if I lose something precious, hopefully my karma will be returned & I’ll need it again!!


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