Eels left in Scarborough mall bathroom (Watch)

Eels left in Scarborough mall bathroom (Watch)
Eels left in Scarborough mall bathroom (Watch)

Two eels found slithering on a bathroom floor Monday afternoon were captured and relocated to nearby Big Al’s Aquarium.

A video posted online showed the eels squirming around on the floor while security tells customers to ‘clear out’ the area. The woman who caught them on camera says she “came out of the bathroom stall” to find the eels wriggling on the floor in front of her.

American eels can be found in Lake Ontario, but before you start checking your bathrooms for writhing lake creatures, it’s almost certain that these eels did not swim up a pipe and pop out of a toilet.

Instead, STC Marketing Director Jai Lee said the eels are believed to have been purchased for consumption outside of the mall.

“They are sold in markets, so somebody brought them in in a bag and I guess (they) got out of the bag,” Lee said. “A customer found them and called our security, and our security handled it beautifully — very, very quickly.”


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