Michael Douglas campaigns for Bloomberg in Madison (Picture)

Michael Douglas campaigns for Bloomberg in Madison (Picture)
Michael Douglas campaigns for Bloomberg in Madison (Picture)

Election season is in full swing and many candidates are looking toward Wisconsin, including former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

The Democratic presidential candidate opened his second campaign office in Wisconsin Saturday. The new office is located on South Carroll Street in Madison.

Award-winning actor Michael Douglas spoke at the grand opening ceremony Saturday. Douglas endorsed Bloomberg earlier in his campaign. Douglas’ father Kirk passed away just three days ago.

“I said Dad, Mike’s running. Mike is running and we’ve both known Mike Bloomberg forever. I said Dad, I’m all in. He gave me the thumbs up,” explained Douglas.

Bloomberg is the second Democratic presidential to open a campaign office in Madison. Senator Elizabeth Warren opened an office in January. Warren’s office is on East Main Street.

President Trump’s Wisconsin campaign office released a statement on the opening of Bloomberg’s office.

“Despite Michael Bloomberg’s desperate efforts to buy relevancy in this election, he can’t hide from the socialist policies that made him a failed mayor. His efforts to control every aspect of our lives—from anti-Second Amendment policies to regulating the size of sodas—are straight out of a socialist, big-government playbook and will be soundly rejected by Wisconsin voters,” said Trump Victory Spokesperson Anna Kelly.

Wisconsin voters head to the polls for the primaries on April 7, 2020.


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