Marilyn Manson has total meltdown on stage (Watch)

Marilyn Manson has total meltdown on stage (Watch)
Marilyn Manson has total meltdown on stage (Watch)

Marilyn Manson ‘has meltdown and rants at fans’ during show.

Manson, 49, was performing in Huntington, New York Thursday night as part of a tour to promote his new album Heaven Upside Down, which includes songs such as “The Reflecting God,” “Deep Six” and “This is the New Sh*t.” However, he reportedly struggled to deliver anything resembling a reasonable performance.

One Instagram user described the event in detail:

Manson came out with a bang but the whole thing deteriorated very quickly. Once it got to be 10 minutes of begging for adoration and no music, I think we all started to realize something was wrong. Once he was temporarily satisfied, it didn’t improve. They would start songs only to screech them to a halt a minute in. There were very drawn out versions of songs where Manson mostly rambled on about our lack of love and other bizarre things. After an hour and fifteen minutes of this, he threw his microphone and left the stage.

House lights came on a couple minutes later. I don’t think they completed more than 4 songs. It was the strangest, saddest and worst concert I’ve ever been to, and I’ve been to a lot.

According to Newsday, by the end of the show, fans were chanting “Refund, Refund! Refund!”

“You can’t even call this a show,” Sean Walz, 28, from West Babylon told the outlet. “I’ve been a fan since I was 5 years old. I grew up listening to him, but he’s dead to me at this point.”

“He was too messed up and couldn’t perform,” added Victoria Kaufmann, 21, of Farmingdale. “It was disappointing.”

Manson had been forced to postpone the show from last October after suffering an “excruciating” accident last October where a stage prop collapsed on to his leg.

Since that accident, Manson’s guitarist Daisy Berkowitz has died from colon cancer, while his longtime bassist Twiggy Ramirez was fired from the group amid allegations of sexual assault.

Neither Manson nor his representatives have publicly commented yet on Thursday’s performance.

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