Inspiring and Encouraging: Entrepreneurs of Today

Inspiring and Encouraging: Entrepreneurs of Today
Inspiring and Encouraging: Entrepreneurs of Today

Do you have an eye for invention and creation? Can you come up with an idea and run with it and make it a success? Are you one of those people that aspire to be like the men and women of “Shark Tank?” Many business owners just starting out have a lot of questions and may not be sure where to get their start. Here is a look at some current entrepreneurs to help inspire you to greatness.

First, let’s look at entrepreneur Sam Ovens, he is an up and coming business leader with some great achievements. He is the CEO and founder of SnapInspect, a Smart Phone inspection app for property management companies, a direct response marketing consultant, founder of CashFlowConsulting, and founder of ScaleSpace.

Mr. Ovens knows how to take a good idea, run with it, profit financially, and also promote the idea to help him reach his financial and professional goals. His SnapInspect app is used by approximately 2,000 companies to date. The program has many valuable features such as letting the property manager become more mobile, less paperwork and filing for the office, less stress, and lets managers also appear more professional. The app also impresses clients, and reduces phone calls along with many visits back to the management office. In addition, the app can also produce branded reports and impressive inspection videos. “Entrepreneurs should look for problems instead of ideas. They should also build something people need and not shy away from problems.” Much success can come out of discovering problems and learning how to solve them. Such actions grow business and help make entrepreneurs a success,” said Ovens.

Think all successful people get their start from internships? Think again, Ovens hated his internship and found better success by taking the bull by the horns and learning on his own. Ovens offers a six week online course which teaches entrepreneurs the ropes when it comes to starting a wildly profitable consulting business. Aspiring entrepreneurs can use the cash flow to start early endeavors that lead to success. Registration for the course is closed at the moment, but spots will open up. The course is four months old and has helped one entrepreneur earn $20,000 in one month. Ovens student was elated to be able to pay his expenses and also earn money at something he enjoys – making the course really pay off. Many business people start with nothing and end up with everything if they use their full potential. With this, they can achieve anything.

Another mover and shaker in real estate is Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran. Ms. Corcoran started out by borrowing $1,000 from her boyfriend in 1973, and took that $1,000 to open a small real estate company in New York City. Her business became a five-billion dollar operation titled The Corcoran Group. She made many millions by selling her company for sixty-six million dollars. Barbara started out as a waitress and held twenty jobs by the time she was twenty-three. In 2013, Corcoran spoke with Fortune Magazine about the world of business and her success. “I think business plans are overrated. To this day I can’t read a financial report. You’re better off having a picture of what you want in your head. Half of business is planning and half is reacting. So visualize what you want and stay motivated by your dream,” said Corcoran. Her advice to entrepreneurs is this:

Opportunity. Have the courage to seize opportunity. Do not be afraid of opportunity. Take it when it knocks and presents itself.

Rejection. Rejection hurts, but she suggests trying another angle if the one you are trying does not work. Rejection can often make a person give up, but for some it can motivate them to do better and keep trying.

Barbara Corcoran is also the author of many successful books, including “Shark Tales: How I Turned $1,000 into a Billion Dollar Business,” “If You Don’t Have Big Breasts, Put Ribbons in Your Pigtails,” and “Nextville: Amazing Places to Live in Your Life.” In recent press information, Barbara spoke about the need for fun and creativity in business. “I found the more fun I created in the company, the more creative and innovative it became. That was the big Kahuna – the fun place. She also believes in creating an enjoyable workplace for herself and her employees.

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