Covid Vaccine Registration: Here’s how to schedule a COVID-19 vaccine appointment in Pennsylvania

Covid Vaccine Registration: Here's how to schedule a COVID-19 vaccine appointment in Pennsylvania
Covid Vaccine Registration: Here's how to schedule a COVID-19 vaccine appointment in Pennsylvania

How do you schedule a COVID-19 vaccination in Pennsylvania?

The state has upgraded its website in an attempt to make it more user friendly. However, it will still take work to navigate as it is not a centralized sign up system. The upgrades come as the state prepares for millions more people to flock to the website as they set the goal to finish appointments for Phase 1a by March 31s and then plan to discuss moving to Phase 1b & c. Following direction from the Biden administration, the states is working towards making everyone in Pennsylvania eligible for the COVID-19 shot by May 1st.

How to start:

First, you need to go to this website.

You can take a quiz to see if you’re eligible for the vaccine right now.

If it is your turn, you can head to step 2, which is a map of all the COVID-19 vaccine providers in Pennsylvania.

You can type in your address, or zoom in and find some providers near you.

All vaccine providers on the map are marked with dots. You can click on the dot closest to you to access information on how to contact that provider to schedule an appointment. Every provider in Pennsylvania is required to have both a website and phone number for scheduling. But, different locations have different protocols on how to schedule, so you’ll have to follow those instructions.

Remember, just because you are eligible to get the COVID-19 vaccine, does not mean you will get it right away. Multiple vaccine seekers have reported it can take weeks.The state said vaccine distribution is speeding up but supply has not caught up with demand.

So, what’s changed?

– The site has now changed to a google mapping platform allowing users to type in their specific address and find directions to vaccine providers near them

– The map also now only shows providers who recently received vaccine.

– When a provider is selected, vaccine seekers will now be able to access information on when the provider last received a shipment of vaccine and whether those are first or second doses. However, the map still does not indicate what type of vaccine the provider received: Moderna, Pfizer, or Johnson & Johnson & Johnson.

 The map has now changed from all blue dots to a series of light blue and dark blue dots to indicate what entity is distributing the vaccine at that location. Dark blue circles indicate the state. Light blue diamonds indicate the federal government.

– The PA Dept of Health said the new map is easier to navigate using mobile devices and is more accessible for people living with visual impairments.

– The map now provides a link called ‘open data’ to allow users to track the vaccine rollout statewide

Previously the state’s map listed all providers with red and green dots indicating who did and did not have vaccine. Following complaints that providers showing up in green did not actually have doses or appointments, the state changed the website to blue dots. Pennsylvania’s Department of Health said previously that it is working towards a more centralized system for the vaccine by focusing on certain providers to receive delegated distribution based on factors such as location, population, and the ability to administer the vaccine.

When will it be my turn?

Find out when it will be your turn to get a vaccine using the state’s ‘Your Turn’ tool.

Pennsylvania health officials have set a goal to schedule everyone in Phase 1a by March 31st. Then, they said they will begin discussions about opening up eligibility to Phase 1b & c. The state is working towards the Biden administration’s goal of allowing everyone to be vaccinated for a vaccine in Pennsylvania by May 1.

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