Coronavirus Canada updates: Saskatchewan continues to identify cases in ‘communal living settings,’ after record-high testing

Coronavirus Canada Updates: Ottawa sees 40 new COVID-19 cases
Coronavirus Canada Updates: Ottawa sees 40 new COVID-19 cases

Fifteen new cases were identified in Saskatchewan’s latest 24-hour stretch, which includes nine “from multiple communal living settings across the province.”

One case also involves a Saskatchewan resident who tested out of the province.

In the province’s latest 24-hour stretch, a record-high 1,807 COVID-19 tests were performed, for a total of 100,317.

Throughout the pandemic, there have been 1,334 reported cases of COVID-19 in Saskatchewan. That includes 1,054 people who have recovered, up by 46 since Friday. Of the 262 active cases of COVID-19 that remain, there are 14 people in hospital (down by one), while there remain six in intensive care.

As of Saturday, the South region has 95 active cases, the Central region has 80 and the North has 47. The Far North has five active cases, after being home to 348 patients throughout the pandemic.


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