MONEY: Someone In BC Is The Heir To A $1.9 Million Estate & They Don’t Know It Yet

MONEY: Someone In BC Is The Heir To A $1.9 Million Estate & They Don't Know It Yet
MONEY: Someone In BC Is The Heir To A $1.9 Million Estate & They Don't Know It Yet

Have you ever wished that a distant relative would leave you a boatload of money so you could become rich without lifting a finger? Well, there is over $149 million in unclaimed money in B.C. and that includes a $1.9 million estate that has yet to be claimed by its legal heirs.

According to the BC Unclaimed Property Society (BCUPS), there are a whole bunch of dormant accounts with forgotten assets that are just waiting for their legal owners to claim them. In its essence, it’s basically a “lost and found” for money that’s floating around and needs to be dished out.

“Most unclaimed accounts in BCUPS’s database amount to between $300 to $500. The single largest unclaimed property payout by BCUPS was a $1.01 million estate made in 2019,” says the press release.

But now, this $1.9 million estate is the largest-ever unclaimed account in the BCUPS database.

If you have a suspicion that someone may have left you some money, you might as well check and see if you might be a millionaire. Or, maybe you have a few hundred dollars waiting to brighten your day.
How do you know if you have unclaimed money?

In order to check the database and see if you’re richer than you think, all you need to do is head over to the BCUPS portal and click “search.” Next, you enter your name and if you’re not an heir or heiress you’ll get “There were no results returned with that name” in response.

If you are, it will say that matches have been found. All you need to do is click on the unclaimed property number that’s been matched up with your name and submit an inquiry to find out if it’s actually yours.

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