Coronavirus Canada Updates: New Brunswick COVID cases spike as Ontario and Quebec hospitalzations decline

Five COVID-19 deaths, 223 new cases reported in Saskatchewan
Five COVID-19 deaths, 223 new cases reported in Saskatchewan

Canadians looking for a glimmer of hope in the COVID-19 pandemic battle may be able to take a bit of solace from statistics released Sunday in Ontario and Quebec–the provinces hit hardest hardest hit by the virus.

Officials in both provinces reported a decline in the number of hospitalizations–-a respite for exhausted health workers.

How long it lasts remains to be seen.

The news came as New Brunswick reported a new one-day high of 36 new cases, prompting officials to announce new restrictions in northwestern part of the province, which includes the city of Edmundston .

“We are again reminded of how quickly the COVID-19 virus can spread, and how quickly things can change,” Dr. Jennifer Russell, the province’s chief medical officer of health, told a news conference.

Like other provinces in Atlantic Canada, New Brunswick has–so far–managed to avoid the overwhelming number of cases reported in many other provinces, thanks mainly to the so-called Atlantic Bubble that has restricted travel from regions outside the area

As of Monday morning, New Brunswick had confirmed 947 cases and 12 deaths.


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