Coronavirus Canada updates: COVID-19 cases reported in Tla’amin Nation

Coronavirus Canada updates: COVID-19 cases reported in Tla'amin Nation
Coronavirus Canada updates: COVID-19 cases reported in Tla'amin Nation

Cases of COVID-19 have been reported in Tla’amin Nation.

One case was announced by Tla’amin chief administrative officer Rod Allan in a notice to staff and community members in the morning of Tuesday, September 8.

“Unfortunately, we have a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the community,” stated Allan. “As a result, the nation’s office will not be opened until contact tracing is completed. The earliest that we will reopen is Thursday.”

Staff were directed not to go into the office and told they will be kept informed as quickly as possible.

A Tla’amin Fire Rescue truck driving through Tla’amin later in the day made the following announcement:

“Tla’amin Nation residents, we are in a local state of emergency and our residents are to shelter in place for 72 hours. All residents are to remain at home. This is ordered by the Tla’amin Nation Government under authority of the government’s law.”

According to a City of Powell River media release at 1:55 pm, until further notice, BC Transit will not be making scheduled stops at Tla’amin Convenience Store, the band office or church.

Later in the afternoon, Tla’amin Nation updated its website, stating that “we have several confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the community.”

In that notice, residents were informed about the state of emergency, executed by the Tla’amin Nation Government, and ordered to shelter in place until 5 pm on Friday, September 11.

The notice stated that Tla’amin is working with provincial health authorities and First Nations Health Authority to ensure all possible measures are taken to protect citizens and contain the spread of the virus.

“You are urged not to judge anyone who gets infected by this virus. It is likely not their fault – anyone can catch it,” stated Tla’amin leadership. “We cannot control gossip, but we should all do our best to not react or respond to it. Please encourage others not to react or respond also.”

Tla’amin administration, health and CDRC buildings are closed until further notice.


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