Coronavirus Canada Updates: Alberta battles two viruses

Coronavirus Canada Updates: All B.C. health regions have received COVID-19 vaccine
Coronavirus Canada Updates: All B.C. health regions have received COVID-19 vaccine

As Alberta continues to work to prevent future spread of COVID-19, the province has also detected a variant Influenza A (H1N2)v in the province.

“The virus was detected in mid-October after an Alberta patient sought medical care with influenza-like symptoms,” a statement from Dr. Deena Hinshaw, chief medical officer of health, and Dr. Keith Lehman, chief provincial veterinarian, reads. “The patient experienced mild symptoms, was tested and then quickly recovered. There is no evidence at this time that the virus has spread further.”

“This currently appears to be one isolated case and there is no increased risk to Albertans at this time.”

The officials stated that Alberta Health services will “proactively offer influenza testing” to residents in parts of central Alberta if they are presenting for COVID-19 testing, on an optional basis.

“We are taking this seriously, but Albertans should know that sporadic cases of variant influenza have been reported over the past decade in North America,” the statement reads. “Variant Influenza A (H1N2) is rare with only 27 cases reported globally since 2005, and no cases in Canada prior to this one.”

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