Coronavirus: 85% of Albertans 12 and older are fully vaccinated

Coronavirus: 85% of Albertans 12 and older are fully vaccinated
Coronavirus: 85% of Albertans 12 and older are fully vaccinated

As of Dec. 14, 85 per cent of eligible Albertans aged 12 and older have received both of their recommended doses of vaccine through Alberta Health Services, community pharmacies and physician offices.

Additionally, 89.4 per cent of Albertans aged 12 and older have received at least one dose, while more than 95,000 pediatric vaccines have been administered to children aged five to 11 with thousands more appointments booked by caregivers for their children.

All eligible Albertans are being asked to get vaccinated as soon as possible to protect themselves, their families and their communities.

“Vaccines work. And they are most effective at protecting our population when as many people as possible get their shots. Thank you to all Albertans who are doing their part to raise the shield to protect everyone in our province from COVID-19.”

Jason Kenney, Premier

“This is a tremendous milestone in our effort to keep Albertans safe against COVID-19. With more and more Albertans getting vaccinated, we are seeing the pressure on our health-care system easing along with the numbers of Albertans falling severely ill.”

Jason Copping, Minister of Health

“Millions of vaccines have been administered here and around the world. The evidence is clear: Vaccines are our most effective tool in protecting our communities from COVID-19. If you haven’t yet accessed the protection of all doses you’re eligible for, I encourage you to do so, and continue to make safe choices to help protect those around you. Even if you have previously had COVID-19, the extra protection vaccines offer will help to keep you, our families and our communities safe.”

Dr. Deena Hinshaw, chief medical officer of health

Bookings for first, second and booster doses are widely available across the province. Albertans can book appointments by visiting

Booster doses

Current evidence indicates that vaccine effectiveness against COVID-19 infection appears to wane over time, especially with the Omicron variant. While individual protection against severe outcomes remains strong after two doses for most people, there are still many in our communities who are completely unprotected, and third doses will help boost population protection and limit the spread of COVID-19.

Eligible individuals can book appointments for a booster dose of mRNA vaccine six months after receiving their second dose. Book online with participating pharmacies by using the Alberta vaccine booking system. Albertans can also call 811, participating pharmacies or participating physicians’ offices.

Booster eligibility is based on birth date. Albertans who are 49 turning 50, and First Nation, Métis or Inuit individuals who are 17 turning 18, are asked to not book appointments before their birthday.

Albertans who were previously eligible for third doses continue to be able to book their appointments.

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