Calgary man takes home $65 Million Lotto MAX

Calgary man takes home $65 Million Lotto MAX
Calgary man takes home $65 Million Lotto MAX

One Calgary man just got $65 million richer.

Tai Trinh, of Calgary, just cashed in a lottery ticket worth $65 million. He bought the ticket on October 4 as part of his daily routine, according to a release from the Western Canada Lottery Corporation.

“You know, when you buy a ticket, you have to hope that you will win,” Trinh explained in the release. “I just thought, ‘Okay. This is okay.’”

The release states that Trinh managed to keep his cool — making sure to double check the ticket, just in case — even when being asked what he would do with the money.

“I’ll put the money in the bank for now,” Trinh said, “but it will definitely help make life easier.”

Trinh’s ticket was a $6 quick-pick ticket that he bought from the Country Hills Shell in northeast Calgary. His winning numbers were 20, 31, 35, 36, 39, 42, and 44.

The $65 million jackpot is the largest prize of its kind ever won in Alberta, and ties the record for the largest lottery win ever seen in Canada.

Trinh may not be alone in his new wealth, either, as WCLC noted in the release that another $50 million ticket remains unclaimed from numbers drawn more than a month ago.

According to the release, that ticket was also sold in Calgary for the August 30 draw, with the winning Lotto Max numbers being 5, 9, 33, 36, 39, 41, and 44.

The owner of that golden ticket has until August 30, 2020, to claim their prize before it disappears.

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