Australian customs officials destroy woman’s $19,000 handbag, Report

Australian customs officials destroy woman's $19,000 handbag, Report
Australian customs officials destroy woman's $19,000 handbag, Report

A West Australian woman with a taste for the good life has learnt a costly lesson after her pricey alligator purse was snapped up by customs officials.

The woman splashed $26,000 on the scaly fashion statement from a Saint Laurent boutique in France.

Alligator skin products are allowed into Australia but only with the proper permits.

The federal government wants to deter insidious creatures lurking in the shadows of the illegal wildlife trade.

“We all need to be aware of what we’re purchasing online as restricting the trade of animal products is crucial to the long-term survival of endangered species,” Environment Minister Sussan Ley said on Friday.

“Aside from the rules themselves, it is important people take the time to think about ethical fashion choices.”

Officers confiscated the eye-wateringly expensive designer accessory but took no further action against its owner.

Individuals can face up to 10 years in prison or $220,000 fines for wildlife trade offences, while corporations can be slapped with $1.1 million sanctions.


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