Australia: Two gold nuggets worth $350K found

Australia: Two gold nuggets worth $350K found
Australia: Two gold nuggets worth $350K found

Two gold nuggets worth around £190,000 have been discovered in Australia.

Brent Shannon and Ethan West found the stones using metal detectors near Tarnagulla in the state of Victoria.

Worth around A$350,000 or US$250,000, their lucky find was shown on TV show Aussie Gold Hunters, which aired on Thursday.

“These are definitely one of the most significant finds,” Mr West said, according to CNN.

“To have two large chunks in one day is quite amazing.”

Mr West said he had been mining for gold for four years and has picked up “probably thousands” of pieces.

According to the Discovery Channel, which airs the show, the nuggets have a combined weight of 3.5 kilograms and were found in just a few hours.

The channel also said collectors could pay up to 30 per cent more for the nuggets than their estimated value.

“I reckoned we were in for a chance,” Mr Shannon told Australian TV show Sunrise.

“It was in a bit of virgin ground, which means it’s untouched and hasn’t been mined.”

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