Woman calls 911 after getting arm stuck in steering wheel (Video)

Woman calls 911 after getting arm stuck in steering wheel (Video)
Woman calls 911 after getting arm stuck in steering wheel (Video)

A student had to call out the fire brigade after she managed to get her arm caught in her car steering wheel while waiting for a friend.

Solome Asfaw, from Bradford, was waiting outside of her student halls for best friend Chelsea to bring her a snack when she got her arm stuck in the steering wheel of her VW Polo.

The 19-year-old law student would usually rest her arm through the bottom of the steering wheel when she wasn’t driving.

But she said that she hadn’t realised that the wheel was on full lock which meant that the gap was less than half of the size.

When friend Chelsea came outside to deliver her McDonald’s apple pie, she realised her pal was stuck and the pair couldn’t stop laughing.

Solome remained stuck for over an hour despite efforts from her friend to free her with hand sanitizer and baby oil.

They finally gave in and called 999.

The call handler sent a fire engine complete with four firefighters to rescue poor Solome – who they managed to free with some lubricating jelly and a bit of patience.

Solome said: “I cannot tell you how embarrassing it was.

“It was such a sticky situation and I started to panic when I realised I was properly trapped in my steering wheel.

“Everyone came out of halls, there were two building sites nearby and all the builders came to watch, as well as loads of people from the gym next door.

“I just kept my head down – but people have been messaging me ever since saying they can’t believe it’s me.

“When I told my mum she laughed and said that whenever me and Chelsea are together nothing goes smoothly.

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