Winnipeg police eye suspicious death on Elgin Avenue

Winnipeg police eye suspicious death on Elgin Avenue
Winnipeg police eye suspicious death on Elgin Avenue

The Winnipeg Police Service is investigating after an adult man was found dead Sunday in suspicious circumstances at an Elgin Avenue apartment.

Police have released few details of the incident. Two squad cars remained on the scene near Isabel Street in West Alexander on Monday morning.

One cruiser was parked on Elgin Avenue; another remained behind the two-storey, grey stucco apartment block. An unmarked police van sat near yellow crime scene tape that wrapped around an adjacent vacant lot.

Ken and Beatrice Wainwright were surprised when they came home from Sunday errands around 4 p.m. to their Elgin Avenue rental house to find numerous police at the neighbouring building.

“The forensic truck was there until about three, four o’clock this morning,” Beatrice said. “I was very surprised… I said to my husband, ‘Something bad must have happened.’”

The Wainwrights said the apartment was home to quiet, hard-working people, in contrast to nearby drug houses and a problem apartment block.

“There’s never nothing going on,” Ken said of the apartment where the man was found dead. “Just really quiet people.”

In the decade or so the Wainwrights lived next door, they couldn’t once remember police at 480 Elgin Ave.

“That was the first time anything happened there. The people next door are really good, we always talked with them, they were all polite — they all worked,” Beatrice said.

“Really good neighbours.”

Beatrice said one police officer came to speak with them Sunday, but the couple had little information to offer.

The block and adjacent neighbourhood has been going downhill recently, as drugs and crime move in, the couple said.

“It bothers me,” Ken said. “I just have no use for that.”

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