Watch: Fireball lights up Edmonton night sky

Watch: Fireball lights up Edmonton night sky
Watch: Fireball lights up Edmonton night sky

Social media was lit up early Sunday morning after video was posted online showing a fireball blazing across the skies over Edmonton Saturday evening.

A fireball, which according to NASA, is a bright meteor that can be seen over a wide area of land, was caught lighting up the skies over Edmonton at around 10:30 p.m. on Saturday night. It was reported by the Edmonton Journal that the sightings were reported throughout Alberta, being spotted throughout cities such as Wabamun, Edmonton, and Vilna.

The fireball was actually recorded to light up the skies of north-central Alberta with a light that was said to be brighter than a full moon, and almost as bright as the sun.

The American Meteor Society even told CBC, “A bigger object that is brighter than the full moon. It’s actually even brighter than that, almost as bright as the sun.”

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