WandaVision episode 9 ‘death’ scene leaves viewers heartbroken, Report

WandaVision episode 9 'death' scene leaves viewers heartbroken, Report
WandaVision episode 9 'death' scene leaves viewers heartbroken, Report

WandaVision has had people all over the world glued to their TV screens. The Disney Plus series has recreated the effect of water-cooler television by reinventing the purpose of streaming TV, throwing us back to the old days of one episode per week. That is, in no small part, due to its ties to the Marvel Cinematic Universe but it is also down to the innovative approach it took to television.

However, that innovative approach and all the stories that came with it concluded in this week’s shocking season finale. Episode 9 saw Wanda go up against Agatha Harkness with her happiness on the line while S.W.O.R.D. approached from the outside with the White Vision.

What happened in WandaVision Episode 9?

WandaVision‘s season finale saw the Scarlet Witch take on Agatha Harkness in a bid to protect her children. On the outside of the Hex, Hayward and S.W.O.R.D. approached in the hopes that they could show off White Vision and stop the Westview anomaly.

In the end, Vision managed to appeal to White Vision by having the most intellectual conversation on television all year, while Wanda defeated Agatha Harkness in a stunning visual battle that saw her truly become the Scarlet Witch and sentence the villainous witch to a life as Agnes the Neighbor.

Unfortunately that meant Wanda had to bring down the Hex, resulting in her wonderful family life, Vision and Tommy and Billy disappearing forever… or so it seems.

What does the ending of WandaVision’s finale mean?

The WandaVision finale was an uncertain piece of television like the rest of the show itself. However, one thing is certain: Wanda Maximoff has finally become the Scarlet Witch.

This is undoubtedly a historic moment as fans of the character have been waiting for the MCU to give her the same level of power that she has in the Marvel Comics and, as the finale highlights, that’s exactly what’s happening in the MCU right now.

Westview is gone and Wanda’s happy life in her sitcom reality is over. However, it seems that not everything is lost.

What does the WandaVision mid-credit scene mean?

Monica Rambeau’s interaction with what we now know is a Skrull is obviously leading to the end of her days being “grounded”. The Skrull told Monica that an old colleague of her mother’s was impressed and referenced that said individual resided in the sky. That individual was, of course, Nick Fury.

Fury was last seen in Spider-Man: Far From Home when he was working with the Skrulls in S.W.O.R.D.’s space station so it’s clear that Monica will be going to space very very soon.

What does the WandaVision post-credit scene mean?

Wanda was alone in a cabin making herself tea in the WandaVision post-credit scene. Wanda was also studying the arts of witchcraft and magic in the other room in full Scarlet Witch form. This, of course, means that she was astral projecting just like Doctor Strange does so that she could learn the magic while in said meditation form.

However, right before the end of the scene, Scarlet Witch Wanda heard the voices of her sons Tommy and Billy, meaning that no – we have not seen the last of the twins.

Is Wanda going to reincarnate them? Or does somebody else – say Mephisto, maybe? – have them? We’ll have to wait and see. But, as comic book fans know, Wiccan and Speed are members of the Young Avengers so there is absolutely no doubt that the twins will return at some point.

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