US Election Results 2020 LIVE: Joe Biden says he’s on track to ‘win this election’

US Election Results 2020 LIVE: Joe Biden says he's on track to 'win this election'
US Election Results 2020 LIVE: Joe Biden says he's on track to 'win this election'

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden on Wednesday asserted that he’s on track to “win this election” as all eyes are on the outcome in Midwestern battleground states. “Keep the faith guys. We are going to win this (election),” 77-year-old Biden told a crowd in his hometown of Delaware. When last reports came in Biden had received 237 electoral college votes as against 213 of incumbent President Donald Trump of the Republican Party.

“We knew this was gonna go long. But who knew we were gonna go into tomorrow morning maybe even longer. But look we feel good about where we are. We really do. I’m here to tell you tonight we believe we’re on track to win this election,” Biden said in a speech in the wee hours of Wednesday.

– Share markets were whipsawed, while bonds and the dollar rose on Wednesday as results from the U.S. presidential election proved far closer than polls had predicted, potentially leaving the outcome in doubt for days to come.

Democratic contender Joe Biden took to the air to declare he was still optimistic about winning and called for all votes to be counted, no matter how long it took.

President Donald Trump responded saying that he had won, that “they” were trying to steal the election, without providing evidence, and that he would go the U.S. Supreme Court to fight for the win if needed.


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