US Election Final Results 2020 LIVE: When will we know who has won?

US Election Final Results 2020 LIVE: The latest on key races
US Election Final Results 2020 LIVE: The latest on key races

We still don’t know, because not enough votes have been counted for either Donald Trump or Joe Biden to win.

So how are they doing in these states, and which one looks closest right?

Georgia (16 votes): The story here is about how Mr Biden has eaten into Mr Trump’s lead in a solid Republican state as postal votes and tallies from more Democratic counties came in. With fewer than 2,000 votes left to count in Clayton county, some analysts say Mr Biden could take the lead. These votes will get counted very soon, but military votes are also to be tallied and some suggest a call won’t be made soon because the margins are just so tight.

Pennsylvania (20 votes): There are fewer than 200,000 mail ballots left to count, and Mr Trump currently has a small lead. However, mail ballots in most places tend to go Democratic, so the overall picture is very likely to change.

Nevada (6 votes): Mr Biden has a narrow lead but the counting has stopped for the night. The last update said there were about 190,000 ballots left to count, many of them from Clark county, which analysts say leans Democratic.

Arizona (11 votes): Joe Biden has a narrowing lead of about 47,000 votes. Many of those remaining are from Maricopa County, home to 60% of the state’s population.

The story in one line?

Donald Trump is doing better than expected and Joe Biden has failed to win those battleground states which count votes quickly, which means more uncertainty as we wait for a few key states.

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