Tropical Storm Isaias moves into Canada, Report

Tropical Storm Isaias moves into Canada, Report
Tropical Storm Isaias moves into Canada, Report

Environment Canada says Isaias has been downgraded from a tropical storm, but tens of thousands of people across southern Quebec are still in the dark due to power outages it caused.

The agency says maximum sustained winds now sit at about 56 kilometres per hour, down from 74 klicks early this morning.

It says those around the St. Lawrence River could see wind gusts of roughly 70 kilometres per hour continue today.

Environment Canada says that as of 8 a.m., the storm was roughly 400 kilometres north-northeast of Montreal.

Trois-Rivieres and the area just north of Montreal received 90 millimetres of rain overnight, while other areas received around 60 millimetres.

Meanwhile, Hydro Quebec says it’s working to restore power to 38,000 customers.

At one point, more than 60,000 were without electricity.

The Canadian Hurricane Centre, part of Environment Canada, was predicting that the storm would continue moving north-northeast until Thursday morning, winds weakening along the way.

Hurricanes have winds of over 117 kilometres per hour, while tropical storms’ winds range between 62 and 117 kilometres per hour.

Isaias hit Canada after first pummelling the United States, spawning tornadoes and causing fires and floods after making landfall in North Carolina as a hurricane.

It left at least six people dead in five states, and displaced dozens of others.


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