Trevor Weston, 77, fought off an armed robber outside Sainsbury’s

Trevor Weston, 77, fought off an armed robber outside Sainsbury's
Trevor Weston, 77, fought off an armed robber outside Sainsbury's

A CCTV video of a pensioner has gone viral as he was seen fighting off an armed mugger who had tried to rob him at a cash-point.

Former bus driver Trevor Weston had stopped at a Sainsbury’s cash machine at 6am to get some money for his daily papers when a man approached him from behind and pushed him against a bin, demanding he handed over his wallet.

But 77-year-old Trevor wasn’t having any of it and decided to fight back, throwing punches until his attacked decided to run away.

The clip, which was shared on social media by South Wales Police, has been viewed thousands of times.

Speaking to Wales Online, Trevor said: “I’m up at 4am every morning – the result of working on the buses for 37 years, I’m afraid.

“I needed money to buy the papers so decided to drive down to the local Sainsbury’s because all the shops closer to me charge you to make withdrawals from their cash machines.

“Normally there’s staff milling about outside, waiting to be let in. But, that day, there was no-one.

“Anyway, I got out my £20 and had just put my wallet back in my pocket when this bloke – this ‘thing’ – came from nowhere, grabbed me and said, ‘Give me your money or I’ll stab you.'”

And although he’s never had a proper fight, he got used to dealing with aggressive people thanks to his previous job.

He continued: “I’ve never had a fight in my life, even when I was dealing with troublemakers on the buses years ago.

“If anyone got on who was drunk, aggressive and refusing to pay, I’d go, ‘Just go and sit down, mate.’ It wasn’t worth the hassle.

“But, in this instance, when he demanded I hand over my money, I replied, ‘You what? Do you want some of this, pal?’ And I put up my guard.

“Actually, it’s a good job there’s no sound on that video because I probably turned the air blue with what I really said.”

Trevor said he had broken his right arm in a fall at home in the past, so managed to punch the robber with his left hand.

He added: “I cracked him a couple of times and he looked stunned, like he couldn’t believe what I was doing. And, to be honest, neither could I.

“After he’d gone I just drove home and gave my son a lift to work. It wasn’t until about 10am that I called the police.

“Also, I only realised afterwards that the bloke had been holding a pencil, not a knife.

“The officers who came to my house afterwards said he still could have done some damage with it though. They said at one point in the video he had it held against my neck.”

He’s since had lots of messages form well-wishers, as well as posts on Twitter and Facebook, but he leaves ‘all that internet stuff’ to his granddaughters.

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