Toronto Police Pull Mystery Car from Lake Ontario (Video)

Toronto Police Pull Mystery Car from Lake Ontario (Video)
Toronto Police Pull Mystery Car from Lake Ontario (Video)

Toronto Police pulled a mystery car out of the lake at Humber Bay Park East on Monday.

There is no clue how long the small rusted and algae-covered vehicle had been at the bottom of the lake.

The car was discovered by real estate agent Jordan Marushiak who was showing a client a condo that overlooked the water where the car was submerged.

“I’m a detective now and I need to know more about this car,” Marushiak said in a Youtube video he called Car Under Water Lake Ontario, Part One.

“I think it has been there for a long time, but I don’t know for sure.”

He used a drone and Seahawk float to investigate.

It is unclear how long the vehicle had been there and the part of the water where it was located is usually cloudy so visibility is limited.

Marushiak points out that the area where the car was found used to be home to low-end motels and an area frequented by prostitutes and johns.

He wonders if it ended in the lake as a result of foul play.

Police have no indication of any foul play and the case is still under investigation, said Const. Ed Parks.

There was also nothing found in the car after it was removed from the lake.

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