Tom Thumb Covid Vaccine Registration: Here’s where you can sign up for the COVID-19 vaccine

Coronavirus: Canada won't approve Pfizer's first expected vaccine until February
Coronavirus: Canada won't approve Pfizer's first expected vaccine until February

Tom Thumb and Albertsons pharmacies will receive a direct allocation of the COVID-19 vaccine once it is authorized or approved and recommended for use in the U.S.

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) made the announcement and outlined its partnership with pharmacy chains to maximize access to COVID-19 vaccines for all Americans.

“Throughout this pandemic, our pharmacy teams have been on the front lines, offering care and health solutions for our communities,” said Wayne Denningham, Division President. “When a vaccine is ready, our pharmacists will play a critical role in administering this important public health service.”

The vaccine will be administered at no cost to recipients.

Tom Thumb and Albertsons pharmacists (and pharmacy technicians, where state law permits) are trained to administer vaccines. In the face of increased demand, they have protected a record number of people against influenza this season and can provide vaccinations for illnesses like MMR, pneumonia, shingles, and more. Click here to see a complete list of immunizations available at Tom Thumb and Albertsons pharmacies.

Federal officials say that by providing vaccines directly to jurisdictions and pharmacies they will be able to distribute the vaccines quickly and efficiently to millions of people.

Tom Thumb and Albertsons will work with the CDC and the state of Texas to streamline and optimize the delivery of the vaccine.

Once a COVID-19 vaccine is available, recipients will be able to find contactless consent forms in the Tom Thumb and Albertsons pharmacy apps.

Tom Thumb and Albertsons are part of Albertsons Companies, which operates more than 1,700 pharmacies locations nationwide.

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