Sleepy gator causes traffic jam on Houston bridge (Video)

Sleepy gator causes traffic jam on Houston bridge (Video)
Sleepy gator causes traffic jam on Houston bridge (Video)

It’s not uncommon to spot various creatures on Houston’s roadways, but on Wednesday, many drivers were surprised to find a large alligator resting on the Fred Hartman Bridge.

The Harris County Precinct 8 Constable’s Office shared a photo just before noon of the reptile in the shoulder lane. The highway bridge runs over Tabbs Bay, connecting La Porte and Baytown.

They said the creature appeared to be taking a nap. Well, isn’t that nice?

According to constable deputies, Texas Parks and Wildlife was notified and the agencies worked to get the gator relocated safely.

In the meantime, no one knows how the creature got onto the bridge or how long it was there.

It’s actually the second animal Houston area drivers had to move over for on Wednesday. The Harris County Sheriff’s Office responded to a cow sighting on I-10 East near Beltway 8 eastbound.

The Sheriff’s Office said the cow was spotted in the main lanes just before 8 a.m.

Talk about a wildlife Wednesday!

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