School custodian’s half-court shot goes viral (Video)

School custodian's half-court shot goes viral (Video)
School custodian's half-court shot goes viral (Video)

Never miss a chance to take your shot.

A custodian at an Ohio high school took that shot when he thought no one was watching and he’s becoming a viral hit.

Joe Orians, who works at Liberty-Benton Middle School in the northwest part of the state, was caught on camera in the school’s gym while completing his daily rounds Thursday morning. Principal Kyle Leatherman said Orians saw the basketball on the ground as he was throwing a trash bag away and picked it up to try a shot.

The video shows Orians calmly walk to mid-court and flip the ball backward over his head, hitting nothing but net.

One shot. One incredible basket.

Orians’ reaction was just as casual as his approach. He flung his arms over his head, then grabbed his vacuum cleaner and walked out of the gym.

“I asked him why a half-court shot,” Leatherman said in a message on Twitter. “His response, ‘I had just as good of a chance to make the half-court shot as a lay up. I’m not very good.’”

Leatherman tweeted video of the shot, which was viewed nearly 15,000 times in the first eight hours after it was posted.

“Our custodian is better than yours. Just casually walking through the gym with no one watching but the security camera. Trick shot, nothing but net,” he tweeted.

Orians quickly picked up fans as the video spread.

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