Powerball Winning Numbers: Did Anyone Win the $123 Million?

Powerball Winning Numbers: Did Anyone Win the $123 Million?
Powerball Winning Numbers: Did Anyone Win the $123 Million?

Powerball holds two drawings weekly on Wednesdays and Saturdays after 11 p.m. EST. Tonight’s numbers are listed below once they are available.

Winning numbers: 21 – 40 – 44 – 50 – 55 Powerball: 16

Multiplier: 3X


Next time you buy your favorite Chinese take-out food, check your fortune cookies! According to the NC Education Lottery, Ernesto Sorzano bought his favorite fried rice and shrimp with a lucky fortune cookie.

Sorzano decided to to play those lucky numbers listed on the cookie’s fortune for the Feb. 20 drawing. Indeed, those numbers matched four of the five white balls and Powerball. Normally, that prize is worth $50,000.

However, Sorzano also added on the $1 Power Play multiplier. For the drawing, the maximum 10x multiplier was drawn. Thus, the $3 Power Play ticket boosted his prize all the way to $500k.

After the required taxes of federal and state withholdings, Sorzano’s prize was worth over $353k. With the money, he plans on buying a new home.

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