Nintendo Collabs With Starlight To Roll Out Hospital-Safe Consoles Across America, Report

Nintendo Collabs With Starlight To Roll Out Hospital-Safe Consoles Across America, Report
Nintendo Collabs With Starlight To Roll Out Hospital-Safe Consoles Across America, Report

Nintendo and Starlight Children’s Foundation’s Switch Gaming Stations are now being distributed to children’s hospitals all over the United States, a full year after they were first announced. Originally founded in 1982, Starlight Children’s Foundation is dedicated to providing hospital wear, games, and other such deliveries to over 700 children’s hospitals and other community health partners all over the world.

The origination has also provided resources and guidance for parents looking to discuss difficult topics like the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and current race relations in the US with their children. Starlight Children’s Foundation has been supported by many celebrities, including noteworthy video game voice actors like Mena Suvari (the former voice of Aerith Gainsborough in the Final Fantasy VII and Kingdom Hearts franchises), Nadji Jeter (who currently lends his talents to Spider-Man: Miles Morales and other Marvel projects as the titular hero) and even the legendary Mark Hamill among other big names. However, one of their most recent and impactful collaborations might just be their partnership with Nintendo to provide some needed entertainment to children suffering from terminal illnesses like cancer or leukemia.

According to, the Starlight Nintendo Switch Gaming Station is now making its way to hospitals and health care facilities across the United States. These terminals feature a Nintendo Switch console that is pre-loaded with 25 of the system’s best games (including big hits like Super Mario Party and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild), and have been manufactured to meet “strict infection safety protocols.” They can also be wheeled anywhere in the hospital, such as a child’s room.

This is only one of the many acts of charity that Nintendo has committed to over the long and difficult year of 2020. Back in March, the company donated over 9,5000 surgical facemasks to COVID-19 first responders at the Eastside Fire & Rescue organization in Washington state. Also, it reportedly pledged to double employee donations to causes combating police brutality and racial injustice in America during the summer. Not all of Nintendo’s actions have been as wholesome, however, as the company recently came under fire for canceling a high-profile Super Smash Bros. Melee tournament last month.

Nintendo’s recent controversies with the online community notwithstanding, its continuing support of Starlight Children’s Foundation remains welcome news of kindness and goodwill at the end of a very troubling year. After all, the simple joy of playing a favorite video game or a visit from a favorite celebrity or superhero can work wonders for a child faced with a life-threatening illness, making their difficult stay in a hospital much more bearable and even increasing their chances of surviving – and Nintendo is now helping to provide that with every Starlight Nintendo Switch Gaming Station.

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