Naked Canadian attacks Australian police vehicle

Naked Canadian attacks Australian police vehicle
Naked Canadian attacks Australian police vehicle

A naked Canadian tourist has been arrested in Byron Bay for headbutting the windscreen of police car in Byron Bay.

Police say drugs like crystal methamphetamine are to blame and have warned residents against their harmful effects.

In one incident at Byron Bay, police responded to reports of a concern for the welfare of a naked man.

When they arrived the man ran to the police car and dived towards the windscreen which shattered on impact.

He then stood on the bonnet kicking the broken windscreen before headbutting and punching the side window.

A taser was discharged by police on the man as he assaulted an officer but it had no effect.

He was restrained by police and friends, before being placed under arrest then assessed by ambulance officers.

Two police officers were injured.

In another incident, officers were assaulted while responding to reports of a naked man on the deck of a family home in Byron Bay.

The man was not known to the occupants and later had to be sedated and taken to hospital.

In another incident, a 15-year-old boy was found naked yelling at passers-by in a Byron Bay street.

He violently resisted police before being arrested and was subsequently taken to hospital due to his behaviour.

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