Mortgage life insurance vs your personally owned policy

Mortgage life insurance vs your personally owned policy
Mortgage life insurance vs your personally owned policy

If you’re arranging a new mortgage or moving an existing one to a new lending institution, you will probably be offered mortgage insurance as part of the package. Protecting what is likely the largest investment you will ever make is always the right choice, but is the lender’s insurance offer the best choice for you?

You do have another option that will protect your family’s dream home and their finances should you die. That option: a personal life insurance policy that you arrange to suit your unique needs. Let’s look at the differences between mortgage life insurance offered by most lending institutions and personal life insurance.

Lending Institution Mortgage Life Insurance

  1. Usually, non-convertible term life insurance with no cash value, no premium flexibility or ability to move to a permanent life insurance plan if your needs change.
  2. Usually covers the exact amount of your mortgage. Coverage decreases as mortgage is paid down and you have no coverage when it’s paid off.
  3. Lender owns the policy. If you find a better mortgage rate elsewhere, you may have to re-qualify medically. Lender can change or cancel the policy at any time.
  4. The cost per thousand dollars of coverage generally increases every year, while coverage decreases.
  5. Your beneficiaries have no choice about how to use the funds – the lender automatically pays off the mortgage when you die.

Personally Owned Life Insurance

  1. You select the plan that meets your needs. If you decide to start with a term plan, you can convert it to a permanent plan at any time. This is especially important if your health changes because you can make the conversion without having to re-qualify medically.
  2. You can determine the amount of coverage you need and it will not decrease as your mortgage amount does. This means there will additional funds available directly to your family at a time when it may be needed most.
  3. You own the policy and have the freedom to switch lenders without jeopardizing coverage. Your premiums and benefits are guaranteed for the life of the policy.
  4. Your beneficiaries can choose the funds as they wish – to pay off the mortgage and/or for other pressing financial reasons.
  5. You choose the type of insurance and premiums that suit your needs a budget.

A personal life insurance plan gives you affordable, flexible coverage that you control and peace of mind knowing your home and family are protected come what may.

Even if you have obtained mortgage insurance from a bank or other lender, it is not too late to put personal life insurance into place. Ask for professional advisor for an insurance needs analysis and discuss the right mortgage life protection, and other financial strategies, that work for you.

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