Matthew McConaughey Grills Fauci on Coronavirus

Matthew McConaughey Grills Fauci on Coronavirus
Matthew McConaughey Grills Fauci on Coronavirus

Alright, alright, alright.

Actor Matthew McConaughey asked Dr. Anthony Fauci all the questions we wish we could on Instagram Thursday night.

McConaughey, 50, had the 79-year-old infectious disease expert on the hook for 40 minutes and didn’t hold back on a range of questions related to COVID-19, reports ABC News.

“OK, true-false: Sunlight kills the virus?” the “Beach Bum” star asked.

“It does,” Fauci responded. “That’s the truth.”

During their discussion, McConaughey grilled the doctor with everyman queries that many people may have wondered themselves once or twice during the pandemic.

When the Oscar winner asked Fauci if everyone should just contract the disease to build up immunity, the doctor responding with a resounding no.

“If everyone contracted it … a lot of people are going to die,” Fauci explained.

“The death toll would be enormous and totally unacceptable,” he clarified. “And that’s the reason why we’re against saying, ‘Let it fly. Let everybody get infected and we’ll be fine.’ That’s a bad idea.”

Fauci also warned the actor to weigh the risks in a decision before many Americans this summer.

“You want to open the bars or you want to open the schools?” the doctor asked.

Fauci also responded with a laugh when McConaughey asked him if he had millions of dollars invested in a vaccine.

“Matthew, no. I got zero! I’m a government worker. I have a government salary,” the health expert said.

The two ended their conversation peacefully, with Fauci providing as much reassurement to McConaughey as expert advice, saying the country would pull through like it had before during events like 9/11 or World War II.

“This is equivalent to that, Matthew. We’ve got to pull together, absolutely,” Fauci said.

“That’s it. … We can have our freedom and our party later. Right now, let’s pull together,” McConaughey concurred.

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