Jim Carrey to make his SNL debut as Joe Biden this week, Report

Jim Carrey to make his SNL debut as Joe Biden this week, Report
Jim Carrey to make his SNL debut as Joe Biden this week, Report

NBC has unveiled a first look at Jim Carrey impersonating Joe Biden on Saturday Night Live.

In a promo released on Twitter, Carrey appears as the Democratic presidential candidate alongside Maya Rudolph as running mate Kamala Harris.

While this is Carrey’s debut performance as Biden, Rudolph previously played Harris on SNL in 2019, earning rave reviews from the senator herself.

The teaser for the skit shows Carrey having a white wig fitted and flashing a Cheshire Cat grin at the camera.

Early reactions on Twitter are mixed, with some saying Carrey has been perfectly cast and expressing confidence that his performance will be “hilarious”.

“I think they are going to be freaking fantastic,” said one person. “It’s going to be so awesome. Maya Rudolph is hilarious, and Jim Carey’s character acting speaks for itself. They are the best in the business.”

Another tweeted: “I am so ridiculously excited for this. A+ casting all around. I expect this to be hilarious, and I know they all will deliver!”

“Omg I can watch four years of these two,” added a third.

Others aren’t so sure, with one person tweeting: “Love Maya but pass on Jim Carrey as Biden. He looks like his Lemony Snicket’s character. Bring back Jason Sudeikis – best Biden ever.”

Another said: “Looks terrible but who knows. Carrey can be funny. But getting major fire marshal Bill vibes here.”

SNL returns on Saturday 3 October.

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