Jewellery worth $52,000 Accidentally donated to charity

Jewellery worth $52,000 Accidentally donated to charity
Jewellery worth $52,000 Accidentally donated to charity

A family accidentally donated $52,000 worth of jewellery to charity after the precious gems and diamonds were stashed inside a bag of old clothes.

Jane Lowe asked her husband to hide her jewellery inside their home in Nova Scotia, eastern Canada, before they went on a trip.

Before they left on their trip, Ms Lowe called a local charity to collect six bags of old clothes that were stashed in the attic.

However, weeks later when she was looking for one of her precious items, she realised her husband had hidden the jewellery and gold inside one of the bags of old clothing.

“I said, ‘Where’s my jewellery?’ And my husband said, ‘It’s in one of the bags in the attic.’ And then we realised what had happened,” Ms Lowe told local outlet CBC.

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