Jesse Brown, massage therapist sanctioned for professional misconduct

Jesse Brown, massage therapist sanctioned for professional misconduct
Jesse Brown, massage therapist sanctioned for professional misconduct

An Okanagan registered massage therapist has agreed to give up his professional designation after conducting a sexual relationship with a patient in a treatment room at his Penticton office.

Jesse Brown is listed on LinkedIn as having his own business, called The Brown’s Registered Massage therapy Clinic, at 500 Power St. in downtown Penticton.

In a posting on the College of Massage Therapists of British Columbia website,, the governing body lists the ruling as a complaint outcome, dated Dec. 19.

After issuing multiple summons, which were later consolidated into a single citation, Brown was given notice of a formal discipline hearing.

Brown admitted to the five transgressions, which happened between November 2010 and June 2016.

No details of the offenses were included in the complaint outcome.

Given the resolution, the formal discipline hearing was called off.

Brown consented to the inquiry committee’s ruling that he give up his registration with the College of Massage Therapists of British Columbia, effective Jan. 31, 2018.

He is not eligible to apply for reinstatement for 30 years.

However, an email from a tipster to the Okanagan Weekend newsroom pointed out Brown could continue to treat patients and call himself a massage therapist or some sort of other therapist, but not a registered massage therapist.

The college has also ordered Brown to pay $13,200 to the organization by Dec. 19, 2018. website is no longer live.

However, Jesse Brown’s LinkedIn profile is still online.

It includes a photo of him hiking.

It still lists him as a B.C.-registered massage therapist at The Brown’s Registered Massage Therapy Clinic in Penticon.

Under experience in his LinkedIn profile, it says he’s been the owner and therapist at The Brown’s since June 2006.

His education is listed as a diploma from the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy, 2003-05.

Under volunteer experience and causes facilitator of ‘What does the Bible really teach?’ education is listed, along with working with Spanish-speaking immigrants and migrant workers in the Okanagan, the Spanish-speaking public in the Dominican Republic and Costa Rica and the Russsian-speakikng public in Toronto.

Under projects a straw-bale home called Casa del Lobo is listed.

It says Brown coordinated and performed all construction on a beautiful straw-bale home in the Okanagan.

It was listed for sale as of 2014 and for a full description people were referred to the LinkedIn page of Jenna Brown, presumably Brown’s wife.

A Mrs. Jenna Brown is listed as the registered massage therapist at, who works out of space at 500 Power St.

Jesse Brown is not listed at that site.


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