International Children’s Day around the world in 2020


National Children Day 2020 will be celebrated on June 14 in the United States. Read on to know about US National Children Day significance and its celebration.

The United States of America will celebrate June 14 as National Children Day with aims to shed light on the rights and education of kids. The date changes every year according to the gregorian calendar. The citizens of the country celebrate the day with great enthusiasm and also help to raise awareness about children’s rights, care, and education. Read on to know about US National Children Day

significance, its history, and how the day is celebrated:

National Children Day 2020: US National Children Day significance

World’s Children Day is celebrated across the world on November 20 by UN General Assembly. However, National Children’s Day differs according to every nation. US National Children’s Day 2020 will be celebrated on June 14 and the date is the second Sunday of June this year. Every year the second Sunday of June is celebrated as National Children’s Day in the United States.

There have been variations in deciding the date and day of celebrating National Children’s Day in the United States. Ever since 1856, there have been changes in the dates of celebration. However, since the year 2009, the Governor of Illinois, Pat Quinn proclaimed that Children’s Day will be celebrated on the second Sunday of June every year.

Reverend Dr. Charles Leonard established Children’s Day in 1856 and named the day as ‘Rose Day’. The day was celebrated to Baptize children. Later, in 1995, President Clinton established the day as National Children’s Day and it was celebrated on October 8. That was later followed by yet another president, Bush who proclaimed that the first Sunday of June should be celebrated as National’s Children’s Day. However, later, the second Sunday was proclaimed to be celebrated as National Children’s day.

US National Children’s Day celebration

National Children’s Day gives the parents an opportunity to spend time and celebrate the day with their kids. The day also raises awareness about helping children who are facing issues concerning mental and physical health. The day helps parents to acknowledge the importance of spending time with children and redirect their lives as a family. People celebrate the day by exploring the outdoors with children, listening, and spending time with them and also share images with each other to celebrate the day.

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