Dynetics to use in-space refueling for NASA lunar human lander, Report

Dynetics to use in-space refueling for NASA lunar human lander
Dynetics to use in-space refueling for NASA lunar human lander

Dynetics, a wholly owned subsidiary of Leidos, has completed building a full-scale human landing system (HLS) test article that will be used for initial evaluations for NASA’s Artemis program.

The Dynetics HLS (DHLS) test article, located in Huntsville, Ala., is built to-scale and allows for test and evaluation across the engineering lifecycle. The DHLS team will use the test article for human-in-the-loop (HITL) task identification and analysis, assessing net habitable volume, crew module accommodations, placement and orientation of various components and overall habitability.

The test article includes the crew module, autonomous logistics platform for all-moon cargo access (ALPACA), ascent and descent propellant tanks and deployable solar arrays. This low-slung design could allow for easier and safer access to the lunar surface.

“Our team is pleased to bring this system to life,” said Kim Doering, Dynetics Vice President of Space Systems. “Our reusable, sustainable approach is ready to support a safe and successful hardware delivery for NASA’s mission.”

The focus of the test article rests on crew interfaces, enabling the team to test crew activities within the module. The flexible design is readily reconfigurable, allowing the human systems integration (HSI) team and flight crew to review and provide feedback on early concept designs and execute quick-turn iterations.

The test article was constructed just three months after the start of the contract and was built and delivered in collaboration with LSINC, a DHLS subcontractor in Huntsville. A video explaining the design and development will be live here at 8 a.m CDT.

Dynetics is one of three prime contractors selected to design an integrated lander system for the NASA Artemis Human Landing System Program managed at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center. The company will compete to build a system to take the first woman and next man to the lunar surface by 2024 under NASA’s Artemis program.

The Dynetics team has successfully completed the DHLS systems requirements review and certification baseline review. These reviews are significant design and development milestones during the initial contract.

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