Dr. Tam Reveals What You Have To Do After Getting A Vaccine, Report

Coronavirus: Federal officials lay out roadmap for post-vaccine life
Coronavirus: Federal officials lay out roadmap for post-vaccine life

If you’ve been wondering what to do after getting a COVID-19 vaccine, Dr. Theresa Tam gave a list of things that need to be done and it doesn’t include going maskless or having gatherings.

During a press conference, she said “we will get to better days ahead” because vaccine supply is increasing and public health measures are working, but she mentioned that we still need to maintain those measures.

“Even after you’ve received the vaccine, hand washing, physical distancing and mask-wearing remain as important as ever,” Tam said.

In the U.S., the CDC released guidance about masks, saying they are no longer required to be worn by fully vaccinated people at small outdoor gatherings with other fully vaccinated people or with a mix of fully vaccinated and unvaccinated people.

However, just like in Canada, everyone in the U.S. is still being asked to follow public health measures like avoiding large gatherings and wearing masks indoors regardless of if they’ve been vaccinated or not.


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